We are in the process of compiling a list of common questions. Please contact us directly on 61 (0)408 878202 or sales@ropeonline.com for any questions you may have.

Q: Do you supply shorter lengths than advertised?
A: Unfortunately, the standard lengths of 50 metres are the shortest we can make efficiently in our factory.

Q: Why are the "by the meter" prices so expensive?
A: Much of the cost in rope making is setting up the machinery and preparing the material. The first meter is expensive to make. Full reels have the setup cost amortised over a much longer length.

Q: Can I get a set of sample ropes?
A: We are happy to send short pieces and colour swatches for your review. Although the samples are free there remains a small handling charge per order. Including these samples with a rope order incurs no extra charge.

Q: Do you ever have seconds or offcuts to sell?
A: All our ropes are made to order so it is rare for us to hold stock of any kind. From time to time we do have some reels but these usually are sold quickly. If you don't mind limited colour choice ask and we may have some.