6.35mm (1/4

6.35mm (1/4") Stiff Halter Cord

100% Polyester. This rope is used by famous clinicians such as Ian Francis for creating extremely stiff halters and headstalls. The cord is tightly woven with a high tenacity fiber core.

All of our ropes are custom-made in our factory in Logan City, Australia. 

1. Choose your Pattern e.g.: ZIG ZAG Design  by clicking on the down arrow ( Pull down Menu ) 

2.  Then, choose your first Colour by clicking the Colour of your choice e.g.: Yellow

3. Then,  click onto the 'design element' on the actual rope design. The rope represents the yellow  element. 

4. Go back and repeat the choice of colour for the 2nd and final element for ZIG ZAG e.g.: Black. The rope that you have designed will be represented. Other designs have more than 2 colours. Finish your choices.

Pattern Colours
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